Crisis Communications: Let's get you through COVID-19

Hi all, welcome back to the #SocialBlog!

Unfortunately, that May 1 “reopen” date for Illinois has come and gone. As we all hope that businesses and life can go “back to normal,” we are really unsure of when that will actually happen.

There have been some major changes in all of our day-to-day lives where more are working from home, parents are becoming teachers and locally owned businesses are ever-changing rolling with the unknown of this stay-at-home order.

As many business owners are re-thinking their business and marketing strategies, maybe debating on staying open or not, it’s important that you don’t let this challenge overcome your business goals.

These are five strategies that YOU can put into place during this pandemic:

1. Keep your head on straight.

With the stay-at-home order being extended another month (going on month 2 right now), many might go into “panic mode.”

THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO PANIC! Take a deep breath, or three.

To stay in the right headspace, it’s important to take care of you.rted your business and who have helped you along the way.

Many of you may be thinking of your friends, family and/or community that has helped you reach your dreams. Get back to thinking about the “why” of your business and how your support system can help you thrive.

Focus on your goas, write them down and begin the creative process.

2. Self-care.

To stay in the right head space, it’s important to take care of you.

Take up meditation, yoga, physical activity, decrease screen time or anything that will calm your mind and let you focus on your goals.

My favorite is to light a candle, drink some wine and put a face mask on. This gets me off of my phone (or other screens) and into a meditative state.

3. Crisis communications plan.

I get it, many businesses don’t have a crisis plan in their back pocket. Who would have ever thought that their business would ever be affected by a pandemic?

I sure didn’t!

Now it’s crunch time to create this plan. Think of these topics when creating the plan:

  • What should you be focusing on?

  • What can you afford to push aside?

  • Where is the opportunity to grow?

  • What is currently working for your business?

  • What can you leverage as a business?

Now is the time to be hyper-sensitive to your strategy and step it up! If you love to be creative, now is the time! Push content that you KNOW will work, incorporate your employees or yourself in videos, photos and live streams to thank an encourage support of your local business. Come up with new specials for your services or products. If you’re in beauty create nail or facial kits, if you’re in the food industry promote date night it or if you’re in the fitness industry provide online and virtual training sessions.

It’s time to get outside of the box and engage your community!

4. Be generous.

Like I started to get into above, get creative and be generous.

Your community is who has helped you thrive for all these years and now is the time to think of them again.

Create new specials that will get your target market in your door (or onto your website) and buy. Maybe a percentage off if they are a new customer or fun give-aways that can create engagement on social media.

Now is the time to push your brand and your product or service to your network. Have fun with it and think about the needs of your customer.

5. Share your plan.

You should be looking towards your support system to help you during this time. Whether it’s sharing content, watching your kids or helping you ship your product to your customers keep them close.

Be a role model to your team and the people that look up to you.

Don’t forget to thank your following and customer base for supporting you through a time that is unpredictable and ever-changing.

Remember, you have what it takes to thrive in any situation. Only you are in control of your mental state and how you process this pandemic, defeat is optional, not inevitable.


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