DO NOT stop digital advertising during COIVD-19

Updated: May 19

Hi all, and welcome back to the #SocialBlog!

With all the uncertainty it’s understandable to tighten up your budget. You may be thinking about closing your doors, stop marketing tactics or how to reconstruct your communication strategy.

It’s important to make a decision that best fits your situation and that will ensure your business’s longevity. However, if you have the ability to continue digital advertising now is NOT the time to stop!

Even though it’s important to continue to advertise during the pandemic, it may not help your bottom line right away. All in all, there are great benefits to continue advertising and create more brand awareness.

1. Everyone is online right now.

With businesses closing, people working from home and the Illinois stay-at-home order extending, social media usage is at an all-time high.

It’s a known topic that organic traffic has decreased lately and the increase of “free time” means the availability of organic and inorganic impressions for a business. Your ads can now reach a new market that it normally wouldn’t reach as well because of the competition.

It’s important to continue AB testing with your ads, but even without testing, your business’s ads will be in a more favorable and impressionable market.

2. Your competitors most likely paused their advertising campaigns.

As much as I hate to admit this, almost anytime there is a revenue issue in a company the marketing initiatives are affected.

That’s the main reason that you should want to continue your digital advertising.

With your competitors (most likely) out of the running for ad bids, the market share is up for taking. And because bidding is lower, your operating cost will also be lower. What does that mean to you? You’re spending less and gaining more traction!

3. Shift to brand awareness goals.

Unfortunately, conversions may be lower than normal because personal budgets might be tighter. As a strategy, it would be smart to focus on lower-cost advertising goals such as brand awareness (unless you can afford to keep your high-cost goals – lead generations, website visits, etc.).

Brand awareness ads are meant to generate as many impressions as possible. From this, you can interact with a new market and invite this market to “follow” your business’s page. Based on the social platform you choose to advertise on it’s normal for the platform to ask if people “remember” seeing a specific brand. This is like a “free” reminder post for your brand.

4. Serve your community now – win in the long run.

With times being harder than normal, it’s extremely important that your business advertises relevant information and is perceived as a leader in your industry.

I get it, advertising should always have some type of ROI attached to it or what’s the point? However, offering promotions, complementary services and so forth will not be forgotten in the long run. Now is the time to think of downward revenue and not immediate revenue.

Consider the situation your market is currently in and create your digital advertising strategy around that. Remember to advertise on strategic social media platforms where your market can be found. Build respectful campaigns and create a trusting relationship between you and your markets.


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